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Wow! It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything!

In addition to a busy personal life, I’ve been busy in my creative life. Starting next year (hopefully), I would like to start selling my wares at local craft shows and such. It takes a lot of courage and ‘know how’ to be a vendor, as well as time and effort, which seems to be running short these days.

Here are some pretty pictures of the creative projects that I’ve been doing since my last update.


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Missing In Action – Mini Hiatus

Wow! My last post was a week ago. Every time that I wanted to post, I thought, “I can’t today, but I definitely will do a post tomorrow” and “tomorrow” never happened. Now here we are a week later with no posts at all.

What happened? Life happened.

My husband has been out of the country, so we’ve prepared for his trip this past week.

Yesterday (Friday) was a snow day, so my children were home with me all day and this coming Monday is a holiday (Family Day) and my children will be home with me as well. I find it hard being creative or blogging while my three kids who under the age of 7 are running amok.

Do you find it hard to do certain things with your kids around?

Another reason that I have been MIA is that I really want this blog to be something special. Not just for myself, but for others. I have friends who blog (http://www.thelovehawk.com and their content blows my mind; it’s really good.

I’ve struggled to make this blog into what I know it could be. Family commitments, work and lack of creativity has been tough to deal with, BUT after an undetermined amount of time, I WILL BE BACK!

I will be putting more time and effort into blogging by setting up a blogging schedule, learning about Blogging 101 and allowing creativity to flow instead of trying to force it.

With all of that said, SEE YOU ALL SOON!

Valentine’s Day Cards – FREEBIE FRIDAY

The weekend is upon us and I plan to get as many Valentine’s Day cards done for my three children this weekend so that I’m not in a rush next week while my husband is away. If you plan to do the same thing, let me help you with today’s FREEBIE FRIDAY – Valentine’s Day Cards.

I whipped up 3 very simple and cute cards for you to choose from, or use all three, the more the merrier! Simply click, download and print as many as you need. Don’t forget to make some extra for neighbours and extended family. It is also a good idea to send some extras with your children ;)

Freebie Friday - FREE printable Valentine's Day Cards

Freebie Friday – FREE printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Cute and Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

I Love You Because Reasons by PopEnterprises on Etsy

You might be sick of hearing “Only _ days until Valentine’s Day”, but seriously, there’s not much time left. So, for today’s Wednesday Roundup, I present to you a small and simple collection of cute and funny Valentine’s Day cards from Etsy (Isn’t Etsy THE BEST?!). Some of them are even available for Instant Download for procrastinators like myself.

*Click on the images to see a bigger version and to see them in a gallery*



LINKS: Best Sex Ever – CheekyKumquat on Etsy; I Farted – beeisforbear on Etsy; I Love You Because Reasons – PopEnterprises on Etsy; You’re Just My Type – TinyFoxPrintShop on Etsy; Yoda Only One For Me – SomebodyLovedShop on Etsy; Sexy Time – LittleSloth on Etsy; Cute Butt – RowHouse14 on Etsy; Nice **** – JulieAnnArt on Etsy; I’m Keeping You – sadshop on Etsy


Finding time to Blog + Showcase Sunday

On this Sunday afternoon, it’s hard to find the time to blog. I have three children ages 6 and under, plus a husband who works nights 6 days a week (on most weeks). Adding to the chaos is laundry, dishes, school lunches, cleaning, cooking, my own full time job and the fact that I do not drive.

Some might think, “Why are you wasting your time online if you have so much to do?” and my answer would be that, for me, blogging and designing are my “me time” activities. While the kids are playing quietly, are at school and daycare or in bed, I try to squeeze in some time with the things that keep me, well, me!

What activities keep you, you? When do you find time to do activities that are just for you?

On that note, it’s time for SHOWCASE SUNDAY!

Have you heard about Spoonflower? I am in love with this website, although I do not spend enough time using it. I really should though, especially since I recently received a brand new sewing machine for Christmas.

Spoonflower is a wonderful site to purchase wallpaper, wall decals, fabric and gift wrapping. You can browse other people’s designs or get in on the fun yourself and design your own!

In recent months I designed and printed beautiful personalized gift wrapping for a friend’s wedding gift. It was a big hit, and I felt awesome that I made the wedding couple feel happy.

Below is a pattern that I designed recently and should be available to buy in a few short weeks. Buy it as fabric and make some pillows or a cute baby onesie, or buy it as wallpaper for a playroom if you’re feeling adventurous! Don’t forget to visit my Spoonflower shop!

Spoonflower - Sweet Treats Pattern by Pop! Enterprises

Spoonflower – Sweet Treats Pattern by Pop! Enterprises

Baby, baby, baby, OH!

Yes, that’s a Justin Beiber lyric. Moving on now.

Are you in charge of a baby shower? Are you responsible for paying for the shower? Well, today’s FREEBIE FRIDAY will definitely save you money! It’s a beautiful Baby Shower Invitation that fits with almost any theme. All you have to do is download by clicking the image below and then printing as many as you need. You can use the back for the Baby Shower details.

If you don’t mind spending a bit of cash, check out the Pop! Etsy Shop for more Baby Shower Invitations.

A little bit of POP - FREE Baby Shower Invitation Printable

A little bit of POP – FREE Baby Shower Invitation Printable

My “Go-To” Sites for inspiration

Today’s WEDNESDAY ROUNDUP is about “Inspiration”.

Inspiration can be hard to come by sometimes. The invention of the internet has made many things in life easier, including inspiration.

For me, there are a few bloggers, crafters, designers and paper people whom I follow regularly, but there are far too many to mention. Instead, here are 5 websites that I read on a daily basis for design inspiration. The first three websites are wonderfully curated and are where some of my favourite artists get featured so I can see many designs from many designers all in one place.

#1. Paper Crave – Creating paper cravings since 2006

#2. Oh So Beautiful Paper

#3. Design Sponge

#4. Pinterest (Of course)

#5. Issuu (There are many FREE design magazines)


How do you get inspiration? Who or what inspires you?

New from the Etsy Shop

It’s Showcase Sunday. Today I’d like to showcase the recent designs for sale in the Pop Enterprises Etsy shop.

These designs definitely have a country/country western theme. I’ve seen many wedding themes as “rustic” or “cottage chic” and I think the new Wedding Invitations would work well with those themes.

While you’re visiting the Pop Enterprises Etsy shop, check out some of the earlier designs as well :) HAPPY SUNDAY!

New in the Etsy Shop

New in the Etsy Shop

You Are My Sunshine – FREE Printable Poster

Although the weather outside is cold, the sun is shining brightly, so, I thought a beautiful FREE poster would be in order.

Just click on the image below for you FREE 11″x17″ poster.


Freebie Friday - FREE printable You Are My Sunshine Poster

Freebie Friday – FREE printable You Are My Sunshine Poster


Keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme for this week’s Wednesday Roundup, below are some great gift ideas for the man in your life. Keep in mind, you know your man best. While my husband might enjoy the 3D Breast Book, your man might not; these are just suggestions.

If you missed our last Valentine’s Day Wednesday Roundup, check it out here

Wednesday Roundup – Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Wednesday Roundup - Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Wednesday Roundup – Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

1. The Big Book Of Breasts 3D by Dian Hanson via

2. Nice To Meat You Men’s T-Shirt by PopEnterprises via Society 6

3. Men’s 4.0mm Oval Link Bracelet in Stainless Steel – 8.5″ via Peoples

4. Sons of Anarchy Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Complete Box Set (Blu-Ray) via

5. Lobel’s Sweetheart Steak via Lobel’s

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